About Kaunshya Capital

Headquartered in Bangalore, Kaunshya Investments Pvt. Ltd. (Kaunshya Capital) is a registered Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) offers innovative portfolio of customer-centric financial products and solutions in sync with emerging new business trends.


To make a difference to businesses whose success drives are limited by their shortened access to financial resources. Thereby be a harbinger of thriving small and medium businesses in the country.


“To create a strong bond with the potential clients through detailed interaction, touching the emotional cord of the customer by fulfilling an unsatisfied need”

Our Guarantee

Kaunshya Capital gives paramount importance to the progress, achievements and success of each customer. To enhance a company’s path to success, Kaunshya Capital makes plans that are in accordance with the needs and requirements of that organization.

Knowledge Capital

The moment a customer steps into Kaunshya Capital, he/she becomes a partner and has access to our financial knowledge capital that comprises of Chartered Accountants, directors, who have been in the financial world for over 30 years and professionals from the top business schools and Fortune 500 organizations who have grown have grown companies to hundreds of millions of dollars from nothing, not only in India but also in other countries.

How We Do It

  • Through a short tenor, low ticket size, hassle free, unsecured loans with high frequency micropayments.
  • Through an efficient tech based specialized In-house “Credit Analysis” system.
  • Through an App based model encompassing lead generation, lead scoring for focused outreach, seamless on boarding & on ground pricing coupled with consistent customer traction.
  • Leveraging the wealth of the top management team comprising of industry experts on finance, marketing and strategy.


Honesty, integrity, commitment, empathy and transparency are at the core of all services and operations conducted by Kaunshya Capital. Much emphasis is laid on building mutual trust and forging strong relationships with customers and investors. While customer satisfaction is our priority, a professional approach ensures a methodical and systematic avenue to become a partner in achieving their progress.


To the above vision through the 3 pillars of:
A proactive market that has a customer based approach.
Being a true partner in the customer’s success through the translation of Kaunshya Capital into being a Knowledge Capital
Providing experiences of empathy and joy in the relationship.
Kaunshya Capital offers numerous market lending options that not only meet the unique financing requirements but also is very competitive for our discerning customers.
Kaunshya Capital has strong working business partnerships with MSMEs, incorporating the wealth of its knowledge capital and ensuring the success of our customer MSMEs.

What makes us different?

Our emphasis is on building mutual trust and forging strong relationships with customers and investors alike.
We ensure that every customer is made to feel like a partner and not like a borrower.
We add significant value to our customer’s business through our knowledge capital and provide a sense of accountability to the customer, being true to its vision of partner in progress.

What You Can Expect From Us

Committed to support every customer in all the ways that it can to ensure success for his/her company.

What We Do

We provide innovative portfolio of customer-centric financial Products and Solutions in sync with emerging new business trends.


Kaunshya NBFC Certificate

CRIF High Mark Certificate

Experian Certificate

Transunion CIBIL

Equifax Certificate

Why Kaunshya Capital

Partners in Progress :- Kaunshya Capital believes that, in the customer’s progress lies their success and works in a way that benefits and supports every client. This is the commitment that they have made to the industry and the country to which they belong.